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 Xero [Approved]

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Guardian of The Nobodies

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PostSubject: Xero [Approved]   Xero [Approved] I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2012 10:50 pm

Name: Xero, though most refer to him as simply "The Guardian of the Nobodies".

Age: 9000 Years Old, though has only spent 10 of those years awake.

Race: Lesser Nobody, though can retain a human-like nobody form. [Planning to make that into a form later on.]

Home World: The World That Never Was

Current World: The World That Never Was

Appearance: Xero is the only kind of this un-named type of lesser nobodies, making him very unique in his appearance. He is a somewhat dragon-like nobody and is pitch black. Behind his head is what seems to be a sort of jester-like part of his head as well as some spikes on the upper part of it. At his legs he is formed in a strange way that looks like what seems to be the bottom part of a cloak. They also manage to float above the ground a few inches making them even stranger. He is also about "8.4" feet tall. In the end Xero is a strange nobody, in a lot of aspects.

Personality: Xero is loyal to his fellow nobodies, hence why he is called The Guardian of The Nobodies. When it comes to other beings most of the time he is hostile, otherwise he just plain doesn't care about them. He is ruthless and although he protects nobodies if they get in his way he may kill them. When he retains a human form however he has a slight difference in personality and can talk but we'll get into that later.

Weapon: Keyblades.

Fighting Style: Xero uses his strength to his advantage and prefers both face-paced and slower fighting paces. He is somewhat brutal and likes to inflict pain upon his enemies.

Elemental Alignment:
Primary: Nothingness
Secondary: Darkness
Tertiary: Time

Strengths: Xero is very strong in pyshical strength and can withstand a lot of damage to say the least. He's very fast as well. While it isn't a pyshical strength he has high amounts of knowledge and though he can not share it in his regular form he can still use it to his advantage when it comes to thinking things through.

Weaknesses: Xero isn't that good at magic when it comes down to his own spells. Also his accuracy is somewhat sloppy he is weak to the element of light. Finally Xero doesn't have much stamina meaning he can't use his speed for too long.

History: Xero once was a man known as Xeros, a master swordsman known across all worlds... People near and far knew him, they either loved him or hated him. He also wielded a keyblade. One day while fighting off a horde of heartless he was struck down by a Darkside and his remains created the being known as Xero, who didn't have a keyblade unlike his somebody. The nobody traveled across the worlds reeking chaos for 9 years until he was sealed away within a temple, to be forgotten by everyone. In time though a keyblade wielder stumbled upon him and upon approching him the nobody awoke. Quickly filled with rage he knocked back the foolish explorer who had awoke him as the man attempted to summon his weapon, the keyblade however instead chose Xero. Since the warrior had been kind enough to free him he granted mercy, taking a change of heart after that... Well not exactly since he doesn't have one but still you get the point. He now set out in hopes of keeping all nobodies safe, so they wouldn't suffer the same fate twice.

Image: The image I put up as my picture... You know the one above my name.

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Xero [Approved]
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