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 [Special Shop Example]

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PostSubject: [Special Shop Example]   [Special Shop Example] I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 05, 2012 9:56 am

Weapons For Sale wrote:

Weapon A

Weapon B

Weapon C

Weapon D

Items For Sale wrote:

Potion A

Potion B

Wayfinder A

Cure A

Potion C

Master Ball A

Prices wrote:

Weapon A: 5 Munny

Weapon B: 15 Munny

Weapon C: 20 Munny

Weapon D: 30 Munny

Potion A: 5 Munny

Potion B: 10 Munny

Wayfinder: 3 Munny

Cure A: 15 Munny

Potion C: 23 Munny

Master Ball A: 115 Munny

[The following topic is only an example, none of the prices are claimed to be reasonable nor unreasonable. This also an example for mana shops. Last but not least there is no required template for shops but the layout for them must be reasonable.]
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[Special Shop Example]
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