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 Original Heartless- Shadow Duelist

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PostSubject: Original Heartless- Shadow Duelist   Sun Aug 05, 2012 12:10 pm

Name: Shadow Duelist

Appearance: A humanoid shadow with a heartless emblem on it's chest. As well as having a dueldisk fused to it's left arm

Abilities: This heartless plays cards that summon other heartless. It can also play traps and magic cards

Stats: 4000 life points. Must defeat every heartless it summons to destroy it.

Munny from Missions: Varies never less then 100 munny.

Elemental effectiveness:
Light x 2.0
Fire x 0.5
Water x 0.5
Earth x 0.5
Nothingness- Absorbed
Darkness- Absorbed
Time x 0.5
Wood/Plat x 0.5

Max MP 35
Current Munny: 40
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Currently no items owned.

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Challenge Accepted
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Original Heartless- Shadow Duelist
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