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 Original Nobody- Dark Guardian

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PostSubject: Original Nobody- Dark Guardian   Sun Aug 05, 2012 12:48 pm

Name: Dark Guardian


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Abilities: A Dark Guardian is one of the few lesser types of nobodies that can create portals and enter through them. They themselves are fast and most of them can disguise themselves with a human-form for sneak attacks. Last but not least the nobody can fuse with another nobody of it's kind to double stats.

Life Points: 500
Strength: 40
Speed: 45
Stamina: 5
Magic: 5
Other Aspects: 10

Munny from Missions: Nothing under 155 munny.

Elemental effectiveness:
Light x 2.5
Fire x 0.5
Water x 0.5
Earth x 0.5
Nothingness- Heals Dark Guardian upon impact.
Darkness- Heals Dark Guardian upon impact.
Time- No Effect
Wood/Plat x 0.5

Other Notes: Dark Guardians are not actual nobodies but instead artificial nobodies built based on Xero by the people who sealed him away and sealed away with him, to protect the tomb so he would never awake. 8000 years later though they still lived and decided to betray their masters in hopes of gaining hearts. These strange nobodies rarely appear and when they do appear in any world other than The World That Never Was they are unable to use any abilities of their own being limited to regular attacks.


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Original Nobody- Dark Guardian
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