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 Pokemon Level System

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PostSubject: Pokemon Level System   Pokemon Level System I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 05, 2012 2:32 pm

Alright so to keep some of the Pokemon from getting confusing about HP I'll be posting a level system for Pokemon. The system will be in multiples of five and will be tracked in your own siggy. Levels will be earned by the Pokemon fighting another Pokemon. Once you've defeated the amount of Pokemon you need to your Pokemon will level up, however each Pokemon is seperate from each other. If you defeat a Pokemon with a Pikachu and are about to level up because so this doesn't mean your other Pokemon will go to that level. Last but not least just to notify you, you aren't going to get a Pokemon leveled up like in the games just because you swapped it out for a few seconds. If you want the Pokemon to have a chance to level up in that certain battle it actually has to do some damage or at least try to. With that in mind here's the leveling system. Oh and being a high level doesn't make you able to destroy any lower level Pokemon in your path, it just increases your HP.

Level 5: All approved Pokemon start at this level. When at level 5 your HP is 20.

Level 10: Once you've beat five Pokemon you'll rank up to this level. When at level 10 your HP is 40.

Level 15: Once you've beat ten Pokemon exculding the last five you'll rank up to this level. When at level 15 your HP is 60.

Level 20: Once you've beat fifteen Pokemon exculding the last ten you'll rank up to this level. When at level 20 your HP is 80.

Level 25: Once you've beat twenty two Pokemon exculding the last fifteen you'll rank up to this level. When at level 25 your HP is 100.

Level 30: The max level for now. Once you've beat thrity two Pokemon exculding the last twenty two you'll rank up to this level. When at level 30 your HP is 130.

Once we get more members the list will be added onto. For now though level 30 is the max.


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Pokemon Level System
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