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 Spell and Skill Rules and Template

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PostSubject: Spell and Skill Rules and Template   Sat Aug 04, 2012 7:07 pm

You may only have two spells or skills after Character creation more will be awarded as follows.

3rd skill @ 50 posts

4th skill @ 100 posts

5th skill @ 150 posts

6th skill @ 200 posts

7th skill @ 350 posts

8th skill @ 500 posts

9th skill @ 1000 posts

More slots may open as time goes on or through special events.

Spells and Skills

Name: (The name of your spell or skill)

MP Cost: (How much MP does it use?)

Type: (Offensive? Defensive? Supplementary?)

Element: (What element is the spell)

Effect: (Describe what the spell does.)

Copy and paste in new topic

[b][u]MP Cost:[/u][/b]




MP breakdown

less then 100 posts= 35MP
100 or more posts= 40MP
200 or more posts= 50 MP
350 or more posts= 60 MP
500 or more posts= 70 MP
700 or more posts= 80 MP
1000 or more posts= 90 MP
1500 or more posts= 120 MP
2000 + posts= 280 MP

Once you know how much MP you have post it in your signature
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Spell and Skill Rules and Template
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