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 Mercenary Store: ~The Official Shop of The World That Never Was~

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PostSubject: Mercenary Store: ~The Official Shop of The World That Never Was~   Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:21 pm

Welcome to The Shop That Never Was. This shop is a bit different than others and instead sells lesser nobodies as mercenaries. When bought they will join in you in a topic of your choice and will protect you with their life. Place an order here if you wish to order some mercenaries. Any munny spent here will be used to fund The New Organization as well. You don't need to be a nobody to order them. Also last but not least we may have special offers every once in a while so remember to check the shop for new deals!

Mercenaries For Sale: wrote:

Dusk- 5 Munny Per Dusk
Amount of Dusks For Purchase- 10

Samurai- 10 Munny Per Samurai
Amount of Samurais For Purchase- 20

Dragoon- 20 Munny Per Dragoon
Amount of Dragoons For Purchase- 5

Dark Guardian- 35 Munny Per Dark Guardian
Amount of Dark Guardians For Purchase- 1

Berserker- 30 Munny Per Berserker
Amount of Berserkers For Purchase- 5

There is no order form required to order a mercenary however you must state which one you want and how many of it. You don't have to post the topic link however you can only use mercenaries in one topic. Once all of a certain type of nobody is sold they will be replaced with a different kind.


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Mercenary Store: ~The Official Shop of The World That Never Was~
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