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 Mystic Haru (Approved)

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PostSubject: Mystic Haru (Approved)   Mystic Haru (Approved) I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 05, 2012 10:16 pm

Name: Mystic Haru

Age: 13

Race: Human

Home World: Shugo Chara world

Current World: Shugo Chara world

Appearance: Mystic is a silver-haired boy with black eyes and white skin. He is 4ft. 11 inches. His attire usually consists of a cyan-colored shirt, a brown jacket, two white gloves, blue jeans, and red/white sneakers.

Personality: Mystic is usually quiet but is really active. He'll try and help people in any way he can, and he tries to stay positive all the time. The boy is also seeking who he truly wants to be, henceforth why he has Guardian Characters. He is great with solving puzzling things, and is usually persistant about solving them once he gets started. He also does have a mood occasionally around those he finds boring.

Weapon: Staves, Daggers, Claws

Fighting Style: Mystic will usually rely on forms. Other than that, he usually stays supportive

Elemental Alignment: Water, Sound, Steel

Strengths: Mystic can use the powers of Guardian Characters to their fullest, letting them use their full power. Mystic is also skilled in long range attacks/magics and magic defense. He's also a puzzle solver, so he can solve puzzle-like things easily.

Weaknesses: Mystic's inability to know who he wants to be can trouble him at times. His physical attack is below average, with a pretty sad physical defense as well. If Mystic finds someone boring, he can get annoying, which could also get himself threatened in the process because it can annoy others. Weakness is Wind

History: Mystic lived his life peacefully in his hometown. He went to Seiyo Academy and had a fine life by himself. His problem was that he had no friends and no idea about his real dreams of the future. When he went home one day, he saw a television show about Guardian Angels that always watched over you and helped change you. Mystic sighed and went up to his room. He prayed to his Guardian Angel, if it was listening, for a chance to change his life and make it better. He went to sleep that night, in which a miracle happened to the boy.

Mystic awoke the next day and stretched, when he noticed something inside his bed. Somethign odd and lumpy. Mystic pulled them out. They were eggs! "Wh-Wh-What!?" the boy panicked. After some time he got over it, and he felt the eggs. They were warm, meaning they would hatch soon. As Mystic went thorugh his life, some of the eggs hatched, and the creatures that came out told him about Guardian Characters: The people they wanted to be. Mystic was skeptical about this, but soon believed the fairyliek creatures. His life became wierder after his friend gave him the Humpty Lock, a mysterious lock with a mysterious power. He had to use the lock to stop the X Eggs: The eggs of the broken dreams of others.
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Mystic Haru (Approved)
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