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 Wave (Approvd)

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PostSubject: Wave (Approvd)   Wave (Approvd) I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 05, 2012 10:42 pm

Name: Wave

Age: Born two months ago, no specific age.

Race: Guardian Character

Home World: Shugo Chara World

Current World: Shugo Chara World

Appearance: Wave is 6 inches tall with black hair and black eyes. She has a ponytail, and her attire is a cyan kimono with pictures of waves on them. Her Guardian Egg looks like a cyan egg with pictures of waves on them.

Personality: Wave is a gentle spirit who always tries to suggest what is right, despite her not being able to do much. She is calm and enjoys the water, but when upset she acts incredibly different, shunning the person she's upset with and becoming tense.

Weapon: N/A

Fighting Style: She can lightly conduct the water, and she can also aid Mystic in battle through forms. Other than that, she cannot really do much

Elemental Alignment: Water

Strengths: She can transform with Mystic to give him power. She also acts as Mystic's good conscience. She can also use her Guardian Egg for cover. Wave cannot be seen by any non-character bearer, and cannot be heard by anyone ages 21 or older. She also ahs a flight ability, with a top speed of 15MPH

Weaknesses: She's only 6 inches tall, so she can easily be crushed or trapped. Weak to Lightning.

History: Wave was the first of Mystic's Guardians to be born. Mystic panicked about it at first, but strangely Wave stayed calm. The Guardian Character explained about itself, how it was something Mystic wanted to be, and about how Wave was like a Guardian Angel that Mystic prayed too before. Mystic was left in awe and shock, and Mystic pretended to deny it, but the two quickly became friends.
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Wave (Approvd)
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