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 Beat (Approved)

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PostSubject: Beat (Approved)   Beat (Approved) I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 06, 2012 12:30 am


Age: N/A, born two months ago

Race: Guardian Character

Home World: Shugo Chara World

Current World: Shugo Chara World

Appearance: He's six inches tall with black hair and silver eyes. His attire is a white hooded jacket (Hood usually worn) with a cyan T-shirt, white gloves, jeans, and street shoes. He also wears a mic-headset type thing. His Guardian Egg is a white egg with music notes on a music sheet labelled on it.

Personality: Beat is carefree and likes to have fun. He acts as Mystic's conscience, but soemtimes his choices lead to bad desicions. Beat enjoys music and hates horrible noise. If Beat finds someone boring, he'll get upset and poke around at them and annoy them the same way Mystci would, even if they cannot see or hear him, unless needed to stay quiet. Beat can also quiet or louden any noise using his headset for hsi own personal needs.

Weapon: N/A

Fighting Style: Beat can conduct magical music notes, and help Mystic with forms, but otherwise cannot really do much..

Elemental Alignment:Sound

Strengths: He can transform with Mystic to give him power. He can hide in his Guardian Egg for Cover. Beat cannot be seen by any non-character bearer, and cannot be heard by anyone ages 21 or older. Beat alsso has a flight ability, allowing him to fly. Top speed is 15MPH.

Weaknesses: Being six inches tall, Beat is easy to crush or trap. Weak to Plant/Wood

History: The second Guardian Character was Beat. When he woke up form his egg, Mystic was still doubting what Wave told him, and, feeling that, Beat ran away in her egg. Mystic and Wave hunted for the egg, and found it in the park after much searching. "You're one of Mystic's Characters, right? Why did you run off?" Wave asked. Beat responded, telling Mystic about how him and Wave would disappear if Mystic didn't start believing they were who he wanted to be. Mystic tapped hsi foot. They were right, and Mystic did start thinking it was true. After admitting to Beat that he did believe, Wave smiled, and Beat sported a thumbs up and grinned. Beat was a great friend to Mystci as well.
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Beat (Approved)
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