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 Aero Darkstar [Approved]

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PostSubject: Aero Darkstar [Approved]   Aero Darkstar [Approved] I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 07, 2012 4:11 pm

Name: Aero Darkstar (Air-e-oh)

Age: Unknown

Race: Half-Moogle, Half-Demon

Home World: Hollow Bastion

Current World: The World That Never Was

Appearance: Although a demon Aero's appearance is that of a regular moogle however his pom-pom, as it is called, is a dark red instead of the normal red. He also wears a black cloak but that's about it, mostly he just looks like a regular moogle. He also floats in the air.

Personality: Aero doesn't take no for an answer. He will do whatever it takes to get his way even if it means he has to shoot a bullet or two to do so. At most times he remains serious but can be both brash and smug often making smart comments as well as being relaxed at most time or trouble free as some would call it. The only thing that matters to him is vengeance. Last but not least Aero isn't one to give up.

Weapon: Guns mostly.

Fighting Style: Fast-paced and all out. He'll cause as much carnage as he can so long as it means his enemy ends up dead in the end.

Elemental Alignment:
Primary: Darkness
Secondary: Wind
Tertiary: Illusion

Strengths: Aero's accuracy is very precise, mainly with firearms. His defense to physical and magical attacks are pretty good as well. Finally Aero is very fast and has great agility.

Weaknesses: Aero's overall physical strength is poor as is his defense to pyshical attacks. He isn't that good at attacking with magic either. Also he has a weakness to the elements earth and light.

History: Aero was born in Hollow Bastion and raised by his parents each from two different worlds. His father was a moogle and his mother was a demon, making him half of each. The years passed quickly as he went about his daily life, however at the age of 10 the swordsman known as Xeros died. Just a few days later his wrath and terror spread as it reached his family, Xero killing Aero's mother and father as he witnessed such horror barely escaping! When things finally settled down Aero lived on the streets cold and alone. No one cared about him and he didn't care about anyone else... The only thing that kept him alive was his strive for vengeance. Xero didn't deserve to live, he deserved much worse than being sealed inside a temple. So years later the moogle sent out an adventurer to explore the temple for an unexplained reason, to awaken Xero so he could cause the nobody as much pain as he felt. Once this was done the moogle joined The New Organization posing as a newborn nobody under the alias Aerox. (Air-eh-ex)

Knowing that Xero didn't know it was him Aero continued to call himself by his true name, claiming it was short for Aerox as he didn't want to lose what was left of the innocent child known as Aero. He wouldn't stop until one of them was dead but for now he'd have to play along with this nobody's little plans.


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Aero Darkstar [Approved]
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