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 Secret Shop [Basic Moogle Shop of TWTNW]

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PostSubject: Secret Shop [Basic Moogle Shop of TWTNW]   Tue Aug 07, 2012 7:33 pm


Although there had been a shop you visted recently you didn't find anything you were looking for and decided to look for some items yourself. During the search you stumbled upon what seemed to be an old abandoned shack and entered it. The first thing you saw was a moogle in a black cloak leaning aganist the wall. As he looked you in the eye you watched as he pulled out two pistols, but before you could grab ahold of your own weapons to defend they were lowered as he floated forward towards a chair now relaxing on it, pistols still in hand. "Alright kid, looks like you're new around the parts of this shop so let me explain the rules to ya. Steal something from here, expect a bullet to pass through your skull. Go to snitch about this secret shop to Xero and I'll make the rest of your life a living hell, you'll be wishing you were dead once I'm done with you. Got it?" he said as you nodded a yes to him. "Good now buy somethin or get out."


Alright so don't worry you don't have to post IC. This is the basic moogle shop of TWTNW and is currently a secret. This shop is run by Aero and unlike the mercenary shop we sell weapons, items, etc here. From time to time we will sell relics which I will get into more detail later. Anyways here are the products for sale.

Weapons wrote:

No weapons are currently for sale.

Items wrote:

No items are currently for sell.

Relics wrote:

No relics are currently for sell.


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Secret Shop [Basic Moogle Shop of TWTNW]
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