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 Kaiser Reokin (Approved)

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Island protector
Island protector

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PostSubject: Kaiser Reokin (Approved)   Kaiser Reokin (Approved) I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2012 9:39 pm

Name: Kaiser Reokin

Age: 18

Race: Human

Home World: Destiny Islands

Current World: Destiny Islands

Appearance: Kaiser is a tall individual standing at about 6'3". He has a tanned complexion and spiky sandy blonde hair that complements his complexion. He has brilliant blue eyes. He has a well defined muscle structure showcasing someone that works out often. His knuckles are calloused showing that he preferes to use his fists. His main outfit is a read vest jacket with vine like patterns on it, Black t-shirt, Red cut-off jeans, and Blue sneakers.

Personality: He is a generally reserved person. He mostly sticks to himself or talking to his grandfather who taught him how to fight. Although he is a reserved person he doesn't like seeing other people in pain or suffering. Whenever there is trouble he will help if someone is in danger. He has a soft spot for children and women willing to throw himself in danger's way if it means protecting them. He has a very strong sense of justice and can not stand seeing someone mistreated. He believes in taking care of people you consider friends and families and won’t forgive anyone who mistreats their allies.

Weapon: Keyblade

Fighting Style: Close and personal

Elemental Alignment: Light, Sound, and Cure

Strengths: Kaiser has High speed do to his extensive martial arts training. He is good at close range combat as well as using his primary Light magic. He prefers to combine his magics with his physical attacks for more damage. He can heal most wounds but has problems with very large or critical wounds. High resistance to Electricity as well as Fire.

Weaknesses: His weakness is fighting large groups of enemies especially if they use Darkness or Metal element. He refuses to fight most humans though he will if someone is in danger. He doesn't do well against enemies that can use long range attacks. Also weak against Plant type magic.

History: Kaiser has lived on Destiny Islands all his life. For as long as he can remember he has been raised by his grandfather who taught him how to fight and protect himself and others. Kaiser took to martial arts quite easily excelling at using his body as a weapon. On his fifteenth birthday his Grandfather proclaimed him a master of his art and gave him a pair of half-gauntlets that glistened in the morning sun. From that day forward he practiced with them working his best to perfect using them both as a weapon and for blocking attacks. One day out of nowhere when a storm hit the island Kaiser watched as his grandfather tried to fight off these monstrous shadows. Knowing his Grandfather couldn't hope to win on his own he charged at them trying his best to destroy the creatures. After the battle everything seemed to go black for a while before the island returned to it's original state. He didn't know what had happened but he wanted to find out. He began to become more cut-off from others and started to research other means of combat. Eventually he discovered magic as well as the name of those creatures. He now knew that the things that had attacked his island were called Heartless and that they were weak to magic. He worked tirelessly to learn all he could about magic that way if the Heartless ever returned he could protect his home.

Max MP 35
Current Munny: 40
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Kaiser Reokin (Approved)
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